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Sound Insulation Sheet

Sound insulation sheet we offer for noise insulation is a kind of PC sheet offering excellent weather resistance, fire retardant property and temperature property.

Steel structure and sound insulation screen consist of the sound barrier sheet. The design already takes fully consideration of express way and subway's wind load, transportation traffic's striking security and all days' chemical proof in the open air.

Highway Noise Barrier

Highway noise barriers help in absorbing the noise generating from vehicles on a heavy vehicular traffic area. Thus noise barriers have proven to be effective in absorbing noise and providing an excellent solution to susidize noise for highway, residential areas near the busy roads, and also for schools, hospitals.

Expressway Noise Arrester

Common specifications of noise arresters for expressway:

1) Width: 1220mm-2100mm (our regular specification)

2) Length: 20m--50mm(our regular specification)

3)Available in4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm

4) Color: clear, lake blue, green, blue, opal, bronze, gray, red, bronze(brown), blue-green, light-green, black, clear-embossed, light-embossed, blue-embossed

5) Customized colors and dimensions available upon requests

6) Packing: Both sides covered with PE film

Fire Retardant Noise Barrier System

We offer noise barrier sheets with features of light transmission, UA-protection, thermal insulation, fire retardance and other excellent properties. The noise barrier system is widely applied in noise pollution treatment at highways, subways, power plants and other places with a perfect sound insulation effect, durable service and fine appearance. The sound insulation products provided by our company are able to satisfy all noise treatment standards of China.

Sound Proof Panels, Aluminum Foam

Different colors of aluminum foam panels
It is not only acoustic materials but also beautiful material
For the production of foamed aluminum, AL powder is mixed with a product releasing gas at higher temperature and then compacted, this foaming agent is placed into a mold form and heated up until the agent starts to foam. Immediately thereafter the mold is taken out of the furnace and cooled off, so the aluminum foam part is frozen in shape. The outcome of this process is a closed cell aluminum foam showing a thin casting skin on the surface. nosie barrier/ shield

Highway Aluminium Noise Barrier

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Acoustical Barrier for Highway

We supply below product:
Acoustic Fencing Sound Barrier Wall Panels
Highway acoustic noise barrier
Acoustic sound barrier
Residential noise reduction acoustic barrier
Perforated Sheet for Acoustic Noise Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier

Our Sound Barrier products include:

Highway Soundproof Wall
Aluminum Sound Barrier
Sound Barrier Wall Acoustic Fencing
Road Acoustical Sound Barriers
Sound Protection Noise Barrier
High Noise Protection Fence Barrier
Safety Sound Barrier Fence

Component Highway Sound Proofing Wall

Highway Soundproof Wall

Highway Soundproof Panels build a solid wall barrier system between the road, home or facility along the highway. The sound absorbing panels do not completely block all the noise, they can reduce the overall noise level. As an effective noise proof barriers, the solid panel walls usually reduce the noise level by a 5-10 db (dB), the volume of traffic noise reduction. For example, to achieve 10 db lower, the barrier can reduce sound levels caused by a passing typical trailer.

Australia City Construction Noise Proof Barrier

Perforated Galvanized Panel City Construction Sites Project

Shanda supplies products and services for City Construction Noise Barrier Project in Australia, China and other countries. We make reliable partner for an environmental, aesthetic and economic solution. City construction Noise Barrier is designed with normal wind loading, not subject to cyclone or hurricane ratings. We supply Posts, Metal panels, Fillings and other accessories for the noise barrier system. We also supply galvanized mesh and perforated metal mobile fence barriers for construction sites security.

Light Passing Plastic Sound Proofing Barrier

PC Sheet Noise Barrier System

PC Sheet Noise Insulation Barrier System makes effect solution for wind blocking and sound proofing.


Material: PC sheet. Comparing with metal sheets barriers including galvanzied sheet or aluminum sheet, the plastic sheet costs less, weight less.

Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Sound Absorbing Panels

Aluminum Acoustic Panel Sound Barrier

Architectural Perforated Aluminum Acoustic Panels 
When used as acoustical panels for architectures, the perforated aluminum sheets are made to custom sizes square tiles punching into round or slotted uniform patterns. The punched metal sheets are used as interior ceiling panels and wall panels for decoration and sound insulation. Very popular high grade building materials for modern halls and buildings. 

 Fire Retardant Fiber Wrapped Sound Barrier

Highway Wall Acoustic Panels

Higway sound barrier wall panels are made of metal plates or non metal economic PC sheets. The plates are use together with sound insulation materials to achieve enhanced noise reduction effect. The acoustic walls uses metal and non metal plates wrapped with fire resistant polyester wool or fabrics.

Railway Noise Pollution Treatment Barrier

Road Acoustical Sound Control Barriers


Panel Width: 500m,800m,1000mm.

Panel Length: 2000mm,2500mm,3000mm,4000mm.

Panel Thickness: 80mm,100mm,120mm.

Sheet thickness: 0.5-1.2mm.

Panel type: Shutter or perforated.

Note: customized request is available.

Double Barriers of Sound Proofing and Intruders Proofing

Highway Security Fence Barrier

Shanda supplies Highway Security Metal Mesh Fences. The fencing panels can be used together with noise barrier to form a composite barrier system. Ensuring sound proof and anti-climbing security. Highway Traffic Noise Proof Wind Resisting Security Barrier Fences have been exported to Europe, the U.S.A., the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and some other parts in the world. The fence barriers are used as noise reduction sheets and traffic protection panels as well. We offer various metal mesh security fences, guardrails and noise barriers applied for highway construction. 

Mobile Security Fencing Composed with Vehicle Carrier and Razor Ribbons

Razor Wire Coils

Shanda supplies Razor Wire Based High Security Fencing Products: Razor Wire Coils/ Ribbions/ Tapes, Welded Razor Mesh Panels, Mobile Razor Wire Security Fencing Barrier. 

Material: Low carbon iron wire, stainless steel, galvanized wirre, pvc coated wire.

Protection Methods: single concertina razor coils, crossed concertina razor coils.

Anti-Climb High Security Welded Mesh Panels

358 Mesh High Security Fence

358 Mesh Structure High Security Fencing Systerm is well known in the world as an anti-climb & anti-cut

through barrier. It provides the lowest level of visual impact to the surroundings, this fuction enables it suitable for traffic security fencing, prison fencing and secure units and military uses. 

The welded mesh panels are welded with high quality carbon steel wires. It is designed to give attractive,

Zinc Plated Anti Corrosion W beam Guard Railing Panels

Steel Beam Highway Guardrails

Shanda supplies a complete system for highway security and construction uses. We supply galvanized steel guard rails used for traffic control in highways. Typical forms of beams are W beam and Thrie Beams. The guardrail two wave and three wava panels can be used together with Highway Noise Barrier System, or the metal security fencing system.