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Expressway Noise Arrester

Noise arresters, or noise barriers are made of acoustic panels used for expressway, railway and highway to reduce the wind blowing and sound levels.


Expressway and Highway Noise Arrester features:

1) Light transmission: up to 88%

2) Impact resistance: 80 times that of glass, 15 times that of acrylic sheet

3) Temperature resistance range:-40-120.C

4) Light weight only1/12 of the weight of glass of the same thickness

5) Ultraviolet resistance: with UV protective layer

6) Flame resistance: rated class B1

7) Sound and heat proof


Common specifications:

1) Width: 1220mm-2100mm (our regular specification)

2) Length: 20m--50mm(our regular specification)

3)Available in4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm

4) Color: clear, lake blue, green, blue, opal, bronze, gray, red, bronze(brown), blue-green, light-green, black, clear-embossed, light-embossed, blue-embossed

5) Customized colors and dimensions available upon requests

6) Packing: Both sides covered with PE film


This kind of noise arresters are popularly used in the following fields:
1) Telephone booths

2) Road signs and advertisements

3) Billboards on lamp boxes

4) Lighting and partition walls for banks, hospitals and stations

5) Greenhouses for vegetables, zoos, aquatic products

6) Sound and heat insulation for expressways

7) Instrument and war industries- windscreens, army shields


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