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Transparent Acrylic Noise Barrier / Plexiglass Barriers for Speedways

We supply Noise and Sound Barrier for Speedway and Highway made of acrylic, or plexiglass, a transparent material. Acrylic noise barrier is also called plexiglass noise barrier.

Noise/sound acrylic or plexiglass barriers for speedways, highways, designs as below:

Acrylic sheet barrier can be installed along beam guard rail barriers for noise control.

The transparent noise / sound barrier can be installed on top of the concrete barrier.

Acrylic or plexiglass noise barriers fixed with steel posts, for highway sound insulaltion, in construction project in Qatar

The acrylic sheet properties

Properties   Test Method
Apparent density 1,19 g/cm3 ISO 183
Weight at sheet thickness    
15 mm 17,8 kq/m2  
20 mm 23,8 kg/m2  
25 rnm 29,7 kg/m2  
Tensile strength 70 MPa ISO 527-2/1B/5
Elongation at break 5% ISO 527-2/1B/5
Flexural strength 98 MPa ISO 178
Elastic modulus 3300 MPa ISO 527-2/1B/5
Weighted sound reduction index DLR   EN 1793-2 / ZTV- Lsw 06
15 mm 30 dB  
20 mm 32 dB  
25 mm 33 dB  
Light transmission of clear- transparent sheets 92% DIN 5036
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 0 to 50 ℃ 7010-6 1/K DIN 53752-A
Max. permanent service temperature 70 ℃  
Vicat softening temperature no ℃ ISO 306/B50

The acrylic or plexiglass material used is approved by a public agency or international authorized organization.
Full data about materials, fabrication methods, structural and sound/noise insulation calculations, official certificates, list of similar projects where the same material installed before and other technical information can be provided for customers references.